It can help make or break your camping experience

There are many ways you can prepare meals when camping. Tabletop stove, backpacking stove, wood fire, grill, dutch oven, and others. Do you know how to use each to create mouth watering camp meals?

Observe the average Scout unit cooking meals and you're likely to see lots of pancakes from powdered mixes, pre-cooked sausage, burgers, tacos, and even chicken nuggets. Over and over again. Not that there's anything wrong with those meals, but the same old thing can get dull, just like always visiting the same campsites. Click a section to the left to explore.

Well, mostly, preparing and eating good food. Mix in healthy doses of fun activities in the great outdoors with great people, and that's what we're about. This site is intended to help Scouts and Scouters learn about dutch oven cooking, including learning about the equipment, how to maintain the equipment, and how to make great meals.

You won't find everything there is to know about cooking, dutch oven cooking, or Scouting in these pages. Hopefully, you'll view something that gets you interested in the art of cooking with dutch ovens, and that you pass along any new knowledge and skills to your fellow Scouts, especially through tasty meals!

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