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Guess what? Dutch Ovens lids get hot. They get really, really hot. And you're going to need to be able to lift them, flip them, tilt them, turn them, and carry them (think gloves!). There are a variety of lifters available. All work well in certain circumstances.

lid lifters


Lock down style lifters are great for removing coals and ash from lids, turning lids, and general use. Simply place the three prongs on the lid top for xxx, place the hook under the lid handle, and pull up and hold the lower handle grip. Keeping constant upward pressure you can lift and tilt the lid to remove coals.

Decreases the stress younger Scouts may feel when using other lifter types that require balancing.

Different lengths can lessen the impact of heat and also the arm strength needed when tilting. The longer the handle, the more strength needed. An intermediate size may be best for younger Scouts. Always use with appropriate heat protective gloves!


Pliers can be used to hook the handle and carry the oven. You can also hook the lid handle to lift and carry the lid, but this can be somewhat precarious if the lid has lots of coals and ash. You can grip the handle to lift or rotate the lid, but this could damage ovens.

Once you lift a lid and lay it to rest, the pliers can be used to grip the side of the lid and flip it over to remove coals and ash.

Wear heat-protective gloves whenever you are moving hot lids or ovens.

Great for coal removal

Easy to use

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Prong style lifters are probably the easiest to find and cheapest cost.

Leverage is used to lift the lid. The hook is placed under the lid handle, with the prong or bar pressed against the lid to gain leverage. Different styles include those with a bar (pictured), and those with three prongs.

This style is quick to use and efficient for use in lifting a lid off to place on a lid rest. It can also be used to rotate the lid or hook the handle to carry the Dutch Oven.

It can be used to tilt a lid to remove coals and ask, though this is more difficult than using a lock down handle style lifter.